Restore arcserve backup session files

I have a large number of arcserve backups (session files, for example S0000745.CTF) on a DVD that were manually burnt to DVD from an arcserve file system device.

I'm trying to restore them all. It appears that I can't do what you would normally do in the case of a tape which is create a merge job to import all the sessions from the tape media. I guess you can't do this because the individual sessions are no longer part of the file system "packaged set" any longer can someone help please.
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Each directory that is configured as a FSD is treated as a virtual tape. All the files in that directory are tied to each other. If any are removed or combined with others the integrity of the data has been compromised. If the contents of each FSD directory has been maintained then copy that directory back to the hard drive. Then from within ARCserve configure that directory as a FSD and then try the merge.
rexwithersAuthor Commented:
Oh that's not good, lucky I'm doing a trial restore not disaster recovery!

That makes the FSD almost impossible to archive then for example at the end of month unless the whole FSD is smaller than ~8GB for DVD and I wonder if you can just copy the folder to DVD and still retain the integrity.

Any ideas?

I have managed to restore a single file at a time by:
*Create a new FSD
*Run a small single backup of any files
*Stop the tape Engine
*Delete the resulting S0000001.CTF
*Add the singe real .CTF file (renamed as S0000001.CTF)
*Start the tape Engine
*Merge the FSD
*Struggle with the database

Well it worked once anyway but the pain!!, its obviously not a proper solution.

The normal process is backup to the FSD on disk and then migrate to tape.  
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rexwithersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info I think my future plan will be use arcserve COPY to a dedicated local drive rather than backup to a FSD.

Then Ill use some image based product (livestate, Ghost, Acronis etc) to get the backups to USB drive for everyday off site storage them same to DVD for end of month archival.

The arcserve will give me a robust solution that handles local and network files, open files etc and the. Image based software will give me the password protection/encryption plus the ease of backup efficiently to DVD.

Although its beyond the scape of the original question I would appreciate any feedback on these thoughts.

In the future Backup exec might be the go because it does appear to allow independent single file restore. I was even able to just restore a single backup using NT-backup so it assumingly uses the same file format. (all this from a quick look at the trial version)
You solution sounds fine.

If you want you can use ARCserve to backup to a FSD on the USB drive. Get a drive big enough so you can keep a worth of backups on it. One FSD for each day of the week. When you swap USB drives it is necessary to restart the Tape Engine. It also supports password protection for sessions and encryption. Some DVD drives have already been certified compatible, check the support site for details.

NT Backup and Backup Exec do use the same format, NT Backup was developed by the Backup Exec team for Microsoft.

ARCserve can restore NT Backup tapes, as for Backup Exec it depends if agents or special features were used if it can restore it.

Keep in mind you are comparing an old version of ARCserve that is no longer supported with the latest version of Backup Exec.
rexwithersAuthor Commented:
Thanks VERY much for your help
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