Dreamweaver CS3 and ADDT - Database-Driven Menu

Hi all,

I REALLY REALLY REALLY need your help here.

The downside:
I have no programming skills.
The deadline is less then one week!! :S

The upside:
I pay a lot for DW and ADDT to make the job done.
I can learn.

I must create a accordion like, a menu tree like, a something like this showing here: http://www.opencube.com/addon_samples/tree_style.html
(I do not intend to use this script, is just an example about what kind of tree menu we are talking about).

The items and subitems of the menu should be on the left side of the page, and should be populated with the category names of the products - that where previously inserted in the database by the user.
Once clicked, the menu items should open the pages showing the products associated to that categories, on the right side of the page.

How can we accomplish something like this? Some guides, tutorials, inspiration, something I NEED HELP, will be greatly appreciated.

Please, I can follow a pure code solution, but keep in mind that I'm no coder, and that my insert/update/delete products page are made using ADDT server behaviors.

Thanks a million,

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You could use the bulit in Spry Accordian in DW CS3 to achieve this.  You would just be placing the bindings from your database into the headings and subheadings.  Then to style it, you would use CSS.  
I am not sure that would be optimal though.  You may want to try and use a java menu instead as the animation and overall functionality would be nicer.  That opencube site that you tried does have free menus and for the most part are pure CSS based. (unless you want java)
oikramAuthor Commented:
"You could use the bulit in Spry Accordian in DW CS3 to achieve this.  You would just be placing the bindings from your database into the headings and subheadings.  Then to style it, you would use CSS."

Ok. Let's use this approach. I will put on the headings and subheadings the product_categorie_name and product_sub_categorie_name. My question is, how does he know, for example, when I user enters a new categorie on the database, that he should get a "new heading" on the spry menu?

Should we use a repeat region or something ....?

Thanks in advance.
oikramAuthor Commented:
And when the user adds a new product and a new categorie and subcategorie on the database, how the accordion will know that he must change accordingly and that "field_x_name" from the database is a heading, but "field_y_name" from the database is a subheading? How to we relate them, or, how will spry know that there are related somehow?

I've never donne this before. A more detailled explanation as possible will be very appreciated. :((

Thanks again.
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oikramAuthor Commented:
Btw, I forgot to mention that I'm on a PHP / MySQL. So, I'm using Dreamweaver ADDT, configured to use PHP, and mySQL database.
The database is updated dynamically via the user.  Spry has nothin to do with the dynamic menu, it's all about the database.  Spry just makes it look pretty.   Yes you will have to use a repeat region, but this should not be a problem as Spry will automatically adjust.  
What are your table/column names?  Also, what is related to what?  You will more than likely be using a JOIN in your SQL for your menu.  
Also, what I would recommend doing is making this a completely seperate file and including it on each page.  This way here, if you do need to make changes to the actual menu itself, then you only have to change one page.  

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oikramAuthor Commented:
I have not done the table structure yet. :s I know I will use ADDT Server Behaviors to add remove and edit data from the database, but I haven't yet done the products table nor the categories table. Maybe I should do this two tables yes?  I'm just not sure about the subcategorie. That should represented on a table somehow, or is just visual, been just also a categories?

Products and Categoreis are on a Many-to-Many relation. One product could have several categories but each categorie could also have several products. So I need a associative class, and that we do using a join (yes?).



Should I put a categorie_id as foreign key on the products table?

Please help me... :)
oikramAuthor Commented:
The id_categorie should pass by url from the accordion.
the title element of the link should have the name_categorie.
the <a> should also have the name_categorie this ensures that the label of the menu items is retrieved from the name_categorie table column.

the products page will be filtered by the categorie ID passed trought url param?

It will be something like this?

But the first problem is now:
How to properly create the tables and his relations. (yes?)

This is really several questions rolled into one.  You will need a foreign key so that we can match on it.   I suggest putting a foreign key in each table
such as:  product_table.id_categorie
On your INSERT and UPDATE functions, you will have to include these into hidden fields so that they are properly populated.
oikramAuthor Commented:
Ok. for me we can change this to several questions.
I will accept the question you have gave me, and I will post another question. Can you follow me back there?

oikramAuthor Commented:
I will post another question to deal only with the database structure for this. Hope you can help me.
sure.  When you award points, just throw the new question url in the comment box.  :)
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