Moving storage area between domains

Hi there,

We have to running, separte, domains VIKNET and GLOBAL.

VIKNET is an old Windows NT4 domain, we still have our main storage server running here (approx. 1,3TB data). We need to close this domain, so the data must be moved to the 2003 domain GLOBAL. There is now a trust in place.

Does anyone know an easy way to copy and edit the filesystem security to the new domain? All access rights are set in groups on the new domain.
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If you want to keep your storage server including the data, you should be able to replace the existing permissions with the new groups using subinacl; install the Resource Kit Tools (if you haven't done so yet) for the subinacl help, then install the subinacl download (the version that's included in the ResKit is buggy!).
Look at /changedomain or /migratetodomain.
For testing purposes, you can use robocopy with the /create switch to only create "empty" files on a test system, and /level to only copy the first few levels.
If you're migrating the data to a new machine, I'd recommend to first use robocopy with "/copy:DATSO" and "/xf *.*", so it will only create the folder structure inculding permissions, then replace the permissions using subinacl, then copy the actual data without permissions.

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

Download details: SubInACL (SubInACL.exe)

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VikingLifeAuthor Commented:
SubInACL was the key. Thank you very much oBdA.
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