How to back up SQL database in VB.NET?

I want to provide an interface via VB.NET to allow the user to back up the SQL Server database.

How can I do this please? SQL Server may be any version from 2000+. Am using VB.NET 2008

If there are other users of the database, can I find their user names, so that I can tell the user to ask them to log off first?
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Backup databases stored procedure

Automating Database maintenance in SQL 2005 Express Edition Part I

SQL Server Database Backup Utility using VB.NET and SQL-DMO (New version)

Simple Backup/Restore Utility With SQL-DMO Using VB.NET
Create a stored procedure on SQL Server side and then run the stored procedure on VB.NET side in your code
logicalcAuthor Commented:
YZlat's idea looks interesting, as I am seeking something very simple.

Do you have an example please?
logicalcAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
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