No SSO on windows 2008 terminal Services with Session Broker activated


I have installed three terminal server under Windows 2008.
On a server I have installed the Session Broker services.
The load balancing is working well but If I reach a server which has more user, I have no SSO (Single sign On) i.e. I need to write the password again in order to connect to another Terminal server.
I have installed everything as describ in the Ms KB.
To finish, I have modified the securityof the RDP protocol into "RDP compatibility" in order to let TS session Broker work


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menreeqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We had a similar problem 
This applies only to SP3.

The other fix was to edit the registry for NTLMOnly Single Sign On:

MarcFRANKHAUSERAuthor Commented:
It has been solved by itself by changing  the RDP connection properties two times ??
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