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I have a webapplication where I would like to extend the membership possibilities with a couple functions that I haven't found anywwhere.

I would like to set a date and time for when users automatically are locked out from the system,.
I would like to be able to force every user to enter a new password on login every three month.

Does anyone know if these features are availbable in some way in membership (I know they are in Active directory, but I don't plan to use that), or to I have to create my own solution for it?

Thanks for help!

Peter NordbergIT ManagerAsked:
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vvnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I'm using membership now and haven't seen that kind of functions.
You will have to do it all by yourself but the login control has an event where you can hook in

Sub OnAuthenticate(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AuthenticateEventArgs)

You can put your own code in this to check what the status is of your user trying to login.
- When everything is ok
- you can use Membership.ValidateUser( username, password)

- when everything is not ok
- you can set e.Authenticated = false

Unless you set thier active directory information to expire or to require new user validation your going to have to create a solution for this. It is fairly simple to do so. You can validate user credentials & membership information on login.
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