Setting an auto-reply for the entire Exchange Server

We will be migrating from Notes to Exchange over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. During that time My users will not be accessing their mail. Is there a way an I can set an auto-reply for the entire server on inbound messaging letting people know that there will be a delay in response. Thanks
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bniermanAuthor Commented:
We just lived with it. Some users set auto-reply in notes on their on boxes, and that worked until their actual mail file was upgraded. The glitch occured afterward, where they needed to go back into notes afterwards to shut it off, as they kept getting reminders in exchange to shut off the auto reply.
If the server is down, anyone sending to you would get an NDR;
Do you use an external spam filter? If so, they could queue incoming mails until you have the server up and running
bniermanAuthor Commented:
In reality the servers will be up. We are putting a moritorium on users logging in as the mail gets moved from notes, but the edge,cas and mailbox servers will be operating.
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