SQL, 2005, Cluster service won't start

We have a sql cluster.  Originaly it was all working.  At some point the TCPIP stack on sql1 got corrupted.  After repairing the stack the cluster service will not start on that server.  This is a production system so we are concerned about evicting that server from the cluster and possibly losing the other server that is still working and using the clustered drives.  One note:  while troubleshooting the TCPIP stack issue we removed the server from the domain.  It is now back in the domain.  Is it possible that removing it from the domain and putting it back in that we need to evict and add it back in to the cluster because the QUID changed?
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NorthAmericanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After the reboot we added the node back in and all went well!  Problem solved.
did you change the cluster ip address resource?
Try removing the ip address and cluster name resources from the cluster group and add them again. Dont forget the define dependecies, network name depends on ip address...
NorthAmericanAuthor Commented:
We have not changed the cluster IP address.
NorthAmericanAuthor Commented:
We evicted the node and are rebooting the server.  We will then attempt to add the node back in.  Hopefully that will fix the cluster service issue.
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