How do I grant NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM File Permissions

I have a script that runs at system startup via group policy.  It runs under the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM user account.  This script needs to access some files on a network share.  It can successfully access shares where Everyone has been granted access, but if I have a share to a folder where only NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM has been given access, I get an access denied message.

To duplicate this behavior, create a share on SystemA (Windows 2003) set the share permissions to Everyone:F, set the folder permissions to Everyone:R

On SystemB (Windows XP SP3) start a process as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM ie AT [SomeTimeSoon] /INTERACTIVE %windir%\system32\cmd.exe

Under the newly created process confirm your access token (AT) via whoami /all:
[User]     = "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM"  S-1-5-18

[Group  1] = "BUILTIN\Administrators"  S-1-5-32-544
[Group  2] = "Everyone"  S-1-1-0
[Group  3] = "NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users"  S-1-5-11

Try to access the share on SystemA:
DIR \\SystemA\Share
Successful listing.

Change the folder permissions on the share by removing Everyone:R and add SYSTEM:R
Confirm the permissions change using FileACL:

Try to access the share from SystemB:
DIR \\SystemA\Share
Access is denied.

Why is NT Authority\SYSTEM denied access when there is an ACE that allows access?
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Because the System account itself doesn't have any network credentials. When a process started by the system account tries to connect to a network resource, it will try to authenticate with the computer account. Give permissions to the computer account of SystemB (or add the computer account to a group with permissions), and it should work.

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jasonclambAuthor Commented:
Excellent, I spent hours looking at this... I added Domain Computers to the ACL for the share.  Now I have to figure out what perms are necessary if the folder that the PCs need access is several deep.
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