What does the amber lit exclamation " ! " mark mean the IBM Server x3400?

I have an IBM Server x3400 system running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard.  On the front panel of the server machine is an LED indicator panel, and on there is a lit up amber exclamation mark " ! "

Does anyone have an idea why this is lighting up on me?  I've checked event logs of the system, everything seems fine.

The one thing I have experienced a couple of times is the CPU fans going extremely fast and loud (as if the server was starting up) for at least 10 minutes then it would slowly come down to a normal fan speed.  Could this be an issue related to the indication on the front panel?  I've had the amber ! mark on the front panel longer than the two incidents with the fans going insanely loud.  

Any insight would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Chris JamesAsked:
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andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This document may help you:
Look at page 80 on how to access the error logs. There may also be a light like this on the motherboard that may help determine the issue.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have Dells and they also have a amber exclamation point on them.

When Mine was blinking, it meant this was a dual CPU machine and only one CPU was installed.

The fans spinning up for about ten minutes tells me you might have a taxed CPU that is generating a lot of heat. You might run a program called speedfan to see what the core temps are per CPU. They should be around 40 degrees C and no greater than about 52 degrees C.

I just thought of something else it could be. It could be part of an intrusion detection system.
Good luck.
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Specifically on page 7 it says
System-error LED When this amber LED is lit, it indicates that a system error has occurred. An LED on the system board might also be lit to help isolate the error. See Chapter 5, Diagnostics, on page 101 for additional information.
Chris JamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, read both PDF's and said :

"Important: After you complete a repair or correct an error, clear the BMC log to turn off the system-error LED on the front of the server."

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm confident the LED will disappear after I've cleared the log.  I will check error on next reboot.

Thanks so much for all the prompt responses.
Sorry guys but I am new to this and I have the same problem -  how do you clear the logs. Do I need to install a software to access these logs? Where do I go the Server to clear these logs? I read a note that says you go to Hardware log page - where is this and how do I access these logs. My IBM Server is IBM System x3200. cheers. Dan
Chris JamesAuthor Commented:
Hi, I don't remember even doing this since it was back in 08, but it may be inside the BIOS of the server.

Good luck.
DJ PANESARCommented:
just open cover of your cpu and find the jumper j2 (Bios jumper) and change port 1,2 to 2,3
restart the server if it still there
plug out then plug in the main port
then restart it will work 100 %
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