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I have two machines: one running Windows XP and one running Debian, these run WAMP and LAMP respectivly.

Before I introduced the Linux box to the network, I was solely running WAMP with a single IP from my ISP. I used DynDNS to register a domain to point to this IP. Example . Now I have registered a new domain (keep in mind these are example domains).


What I'm trying to do, is simply have the domain go to the WAMP box (say, and the goto LAMP (say, I'm guessing I will need a new entry in my router b/c right now port 80 is forwarded to Will I need a new entry say, port 81 to and will I need to do this at the apache level as well, say, in the .conf?

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Posting network diagram should really help.
Also IP set - from WinXp  CMD "ipconfig -all", router config, model.
More likely, if router will aloow , you need config NATig, or try get Static IP, not to mess with router config ,a s well DynDns.
If it is not an option- reaserach your registrator option,  to assign x.x.x.x:81 to the DNS record, and so on, their tech support might help you best.
Assuming you have one public IP address and both servers are serving on the same port(s). I.E. both are listening for http connections on port 80, your router must be able to forward based on host headers. Most will not do this.
Your best bet is to set each box to listen on unique ports and use port forwarding in your router to direct traffic to the correct server.

You may also use port triggering if your router supports it so that you do not have to reconfigure the servers to listen on different ports. For example, the router will direct port 80 to, and port 81 to
You always can simply change web port to 81, and do with registrstor DNS name to x.x.x.x:81.
This way you willnot need NAT.

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level9wizardAuthor Commented:
Currently works fine but I'm really hoping not to have to type in :81

Any thoughts?
The only way to avoid typing that in is to get a router(or build one) that will recognize the host header and route appropriately. Your DNS registrar may be able to provide redirection services. I doubt it, but some offer this service.

Another solution would be to set up your own DNS server and provide redirection that way.

Simplest solutions is to let the WAMP box handle the host headers. Then write a simple HTML/Javascript redirection to LAMP box.
i.e. -> redirects to ->

That ways you do not have to type and save you from implementing a complicated setup.

Hope it helps
level9wizardAuthor Commented:

Thanks; yes this is a possibility and I was aware. However I was really hoping for a more direct solution. Either a solution in the router ports that talks to the Listen ports on apache between wamp and lmap or something similar.

If I did go your router, I'd probably use a <?php header() ?> redirect. Thanks none the less.
Actually, pathsniffer has the easiest solution to this problem.
You have to set up NameVirtualHost and the virutal host for XP should employ proxy module.
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