Outlook error message: The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted!


In our company we are using Mdaemon mail server and Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003 or 2007 with Outlook Connector (on some computers). We connected some users to our Mdaemon server (version 10.0.1) through Outlook Connector (MDaemon plugin for Outlook, version 2.2.1) and then users get the message: 'The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted'. That happens when user tries to send file through MS Word, Excel or 'Send To' command by right clicking on file, then Send To > Mail recipient. The message appears not every time. Users without Outlook Connector do not have such a problems. It looks that there are no problems with Outlook 2007 although we have too few of them to be sure.
Users are using Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 with the latest updates and IMAP protocol.
Any ideas?
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When mail is Sent from Outlook, is it sent through the IMAP Sent folder, or through the "normal" default Sent folder which existed before adding Outlook Connector?
ubigAuthor Commented:
MDaemon Outlook Connector does not allow to specify Sent Items folder thus it is MDaemon folder I suppose. It's location in Sent item properties is "\\Username on Mdaemon". I forgot to mention that message appears right after pressing Send button.
Do you have the "normal" Sent folder, because if you don't that might be what the problem is?  Try creating a POP3 account with dummy information in it (e.g., put POP as the POP3 server name and SMTP for the SMTP server name) to test that out (it can be deleted afterwards).
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ubigAuthor Commented:
Catalog structure of IMAP account configured through MDaemon Outlook Connector looks like POP. That account has all the folders, like in POP including Sent Items. I know that standart IMAP account is being created without 'Sent Items' catalog but in 'IMAP through Outlook Connector' all the catalogs are created automatically. So, the problem is somewhere else I think. Besides, that happens randomly instead of every time and that is even not that easy to reproduce.
Yes I agree that Sent items folder in IMAP looks to the User as the same as POP, but "under the bonnet" the program doing the actual writing to the folder might know the difference, and this is the reason why I am suggesting creating a POP account as a temporary test to completely rule out that possibility.  

One difference that I can think of is the way that IMAP folders are refreshed.  Take a look at the IMAP screen in Mdaemon for example, and compare it with the POP one.  If an IMAP refresh is in progress when a "Send To" is performed then the folder "locking" mechanism might be causing the error.  This would explain the observation you have that not all users with Outlook Connector have the problem.
ubigAuthor Commented:
Thanks moorhouselondon for your help. But we find out that problems were sold, when NOD32 EMON protection was disabled. It looks like MDaemon Outlook Connector plugin and NOD32 EMON function are not very friendly with each other.
ubigAuthor Commented:
I would like to close this question as it has been solved by myself. We have tested it for quite a while now and it seems there are no problems anymore. That was really a problem of MDaemon Outlook Connector and Nod32 antivirus compatibility.
moorhouselondon, thank you for your ideas.

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