Printing A4 paper on Laser printer using AS400

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Hi , I connect HP 4250n Printer to my network , then I creat AS400 OUTQ , and it is print , BUT , when I print on A4 always is cut the DATA on paper , for exapmple it will print only 3/4 of the page only ( with full data ) but it is not use full page . I mean it will not use all page it will use a prt of page and the remaining will be empty.
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Hi Jazeery,

It's not a printer setting, the AS400 writes the output to a spool-file, using a printerfile. In this printerfile  the lines per page, lines per inch etc. is defined.
So if you have the spoolfile already, you can't change anything anymore, because the page breakes are within the spoolfile.
To build the spoolfile with more lines per page, you can override the printerfile and use parameter PAGESIZE to define the new form length e.g PAGESIZE(72 132 *ROWCOL)
Remark the default is most of the time 66 lines and A4 is 72 lines.

But..... There are a lot of other way's to define the page length... some software packages don't use page size of the printerfile, but define the number of lines in the program or worse, they don't define it, but count their one printed lines.

If you can't change it, you always can try to configure the printer in a larger font or less lines per inch :)

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