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h.264 video file conversion

my DVR makes video clips in h264 file type.......example came with a software video player that plays them fine....however i would like to convert it to a standard format so i can make a DVD in the event i need to give a file to the police or something....i'm sure their not going to let me load my special software on their computers so they can play it at the station.

I would like to convert it to avi, mpeg etc.....

I have attached a clip if anyone can figure out how to convert it...with a free program would be preffered of course...but not required. The file can be found here.
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Try out WinFF (based on ffmpeg)
it's absolutely free to use and supports tons of video formats.
it seems to recognize your .h264 video file.

a helpful article:
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the winff recognized my .h264 file...but when i tried to convert it...all i get is grey screen...same as any other program i've tried....just cant figure this out.......anyone who can convert the file listed in my original post would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this article:

Seems as though this is the way to go!


Any luck with this?
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not a bit of luck......its driving me crazy :(
Maybe, you should try recording into another format, as a workaround? Does your recording software allow that (recording in other video file formats)? Or is there a possibility to use another recording software?
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the files are from my video surveillance dvr its the only format it records i must find a way to do it. :(
You may use some perverted methods, like playing the video in full screen and capturing it at the same time. That's a terrible method, but you may use it to capture the moments that you need "to give a file to the police or something".
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i'm sure i could do that.....not a great choice of course...but i just cant believe i cant find anyone who can convert it :(
This will do the trick and its fast if you have a newer card. The catch is you need an ati card
Drop it into Nero Vision. Its great, most videol files you throw at it, it will convert and burn a DVD
I personaly like this one for "general purposes", it is limited by the numbers of codecs, can deal with, but it is give you many other options- liek capture screeen (send file to tech support), as well can capture localy attached inputs.
Also you can prepare file for webstream/store localy and so on - which makes easy to stick your video to other applications, and so on.
If windows encoder is not what you need- you have to remember, that any decent conversion software will be at least $400 or any others pro stuff, depends what you need.
All below $200 is not worse it to buy.
what is a a standard format  for you?
so that you can play them on a dvd players (not on pc's), what types of codecs are read by the dvd player? .axi, xvid?
before giving you the application name you would give more information like, is the x264 in a container file like matroska (.mkv), what extension does it have?
DVDs use MPEG2 codec. The idea that you would need a DVD specifically is where you go wrong. If you encode it to some common format like AVI or WMV, then anyone with WMP can view it.

I believe that the best inexpensive video softare is Ulead Video Studio. Version 11 has been able to do for us what previous versions could not, nor could many other softwares no matter the cost. We regularly take MPEG 1, DVD, DVCAM, WMV, and HDAVI videos, and combine them for output to WMV, DVD, AVI, etc. I have not  been able to find the file in question, so I can't tell you if it works...
for most transcoding tools and direct show decoding you'll need the file to be in some type of container/wrapper typically (mp4, mkv, m2t, etc)...directshow (windows based decoding) will split the audio from the video after opening the container, run each through the appropriate configured decoder and then render it typically.  it sounds like you're dvr is just writing raw h264 bitstreams that are not decodable/renderable by any type of underlying decoders.

do you have a way to play the files at all?  i'd imagine the dvr came with some type of playback
I use this codec all the time .. Its not too much which program to convert but mainly which system you are using . Which dvr you have and what software came with it . Once I know this I can assist you easier ...
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