MSTSC and LANG_NAME problem on Vista

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I have a problem where accessing Remote Desktop RDP mstsc.exe yields the error:

The system cannot find the file specified.

If I look at the properties of:
I find that
- the Language is "English (United States)"
- the file version is 6.0.6001.18000

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windows looks for a file named mstsc.exe.MUI under the forlder C:\Windows\system32\<LANG_NAME>\ in your case
C:\Windows\system32\english\...   check that this file exist in that location. If not reinstalling the Remote Desktop should solve your problem. You can install it by running the windows setup and selectin modify or from add remove programs -> Add Remove Windows Componenets
You could either re-install your language pack or just copy




This should give you an English mstsc.

If C:\Windows\system32\en-US\mstsc.exe.MUI is not there you need to get it from the install source. This is a bit complicated.


Thanks guys.

In response to tigin44:
- I tried reinstalling the RDP client already - this made no difference.
- there is no folder c:\windows\system32\english only en-US, which already has mstsc.exe.MUI

In response to mpfister:
- If you mean copy from en-US folder to actual folder "" this would not work due to forbidden characters
- The file \windows\system32\en-US\mstsc.exe.mui actually exists.
- To reinstall language pack on Vista - I am not sure how to do that...
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Not the entire directory. Would it be possible to copy  just the mstsc.exe.mui from en-US to >LANG_DIR>?

Do you have another Vista system with the same language installed to test it there?


Sorry not sure if we are talking the same thing...

You cannot create a folder with characters '<' and '>' hence no number of files can be copied there. I actually cannot create a folder called  because of this.

Is that what you mean or am I missing the point here?
Oh, sorry. Of course you can't create a folder with < or > inside, thse are special character.
This is just a place holder for the real language your system is using. I assume that mstsc.exe gives a generic error message without replacing <LANG_DIR> with the value on your system.

Open an administrative command prompt (Start -> Accessories -> right click on command prompt -> Run as administrator). You should see C:\Windows\system32 as your current directory.


dir ??-??

an press enter. It should list all languages on your system

Then enter:

dir mstsc.exe.mui /s

It will list all mstsc language files available. Check if the one for your language is there. If not, copy the file mstsc.exe.mui from en-US to the directory corrresponding to your language.


progressit, any news?


sorry, yes, somehow i missed the email notification of your earlier post.

I listed the directories, and the only one there that could be it is en-us (if you look back to my post, I looked up the info on the file and it said language is en-us)... I am actually in australia, with the region correctly set, however en-au does not exist in the directory listing.

after i copied all the files in en-us to en-au, nothing changed again.

how do i find out what is "my language" as you specify in your post... I know location is australia, the dictionary is english (Australian), but there was no en-au, and copying all en-us to en-au did not help.

both of the files needed for mstsc are in en-us directory.
en-US  is the correct language for your system and if I'd checked your time zone I'd never  asked for language packs ..;-)

I still can't understand why your mstsc.exe can't locate its corresponding MUI files in the correct directory.

When did the problem start? Right from the beginning?

What date/timestamp have:


These are the timestamps  from my system:

01/21/2008  03:23           677.888 mstsc.exe
01/21/2008  03:24         2.061.824 mstscax.dll
01/21/2008  03:25            49.152 mstsc.exe.mui
01/21/2008  03:25            86.016 mstscax.dll.mui

From  post #3: how did you try to reinstall RDP?

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