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Terminal Server Mode Change Isn't Seen In Add Programs

I'm setting up a Windows 2003 R2 terminal server.  In the Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs, then under Add/Remove Windows Components, I've selected Terminal Server and Terminal Server Licensing.  Licensing has been activated and TS CALS are on the system.

My problem is in trying to install any application for users.  I get a command session going and type in "CHANGE USER /INSTALL" and get the response that I'm in install mode.  I can do a "CHANGE USER /QUERY" and get a confirmation that I am indeed in install mode.  When I go to Add/Remove programs and try to actually do the installation, the message, "This machine is running Terminal Services in Application Server Mode.  Applications are not available to install from the network in this mode." won't go away.

Why can't I do the installation?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Jon Winterburn

2 questions:

1. Are you trying to install these apps via the local console itself, or via RDP to the terminal server? If you are trying to install via RDP, don't - install them via the console.

2. Do you get this error for all applications, or just for MS Office applications? If it is for MS Office applications, you will not be able to install them in the same way as others - you have to use a transform file specifically for terminal server installs. See this:


1. If your are installing an application that has a msi-file it will put your TS in install mode when running the msi. (when running Windows server 2003 and newer).

2. If your are installing an application from Add-remove programs it will set your server in install mode.

3. If you run "change user /install" you can run the setup.exe directly without installing it from the add- remove programs. ("change user /execute" when it's finished installing).

Just remember to install the app. from the consol with no users logged on the server (run: "query user")


The application is Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon).  Here's what I've done so far:

1.  Logon to the console as LocalServer\\administrator
3.  Navigate to \\server1\Solomon.  Had to provide domain login credentials and used domain\administrator
4.  Double-click on Setup.exe and get the error:

Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon clients cannot be setup from a UNC directory.  Please exit Setup and restart it from a local drive or mapped network drive.

5.  Define a mapped drive, S:, to point to \\server1\Solomon.  "Everyone" has full access to the share and modify to the folder.
6.  Open S:\Dynamics_SL\wrkstn and double-click on Setup.exe, after checking that I'm still in CHANGE USER /INSTALL mode.
7.  Prompted with "Select the location of the shared Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon application files.  Your applications will be setup to run from this location."  (Get the same prompt when installing on a regular workstation.)  The default location is S:\Dynamics_SL.  
8.  After the installation completes without errors, I get a message to reboot.
9.  After the reboot finishes, logon again as Administrator.
10.  Open Solomon and get the error, "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item."  I'm logged in as a domain admin.  On checking the files, I see that I have full control to both the share and to the underlying files.

Just for kicks and giggles, I followed the same procedure to install Adobe Reader (from a distribution file, not from their website).  No problems doing the installation.  No problems running the application.  So, I don't know if this is a Solomon-specific problem, but it's starting to appear so.
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