How to add existing dbf files to a new database (dbc)

I have several tables created in an earlier version of FoxPro (table1.dbf, table2.dbf, etc.); however, they only exist as tables and are not part of a database (.dbc). I know I can create a new database with the CREATE DATABASE command and I can ADD TABLE if I want to make a new, empty table.  But, what I want to do is add these existing .dbf files to the new database (newdatabase.dbc) file in FoxPro 9. Each one of these existing tables is also indexed with a .mdx file. Can you provide the VFP code steps needed to do this?
Glenn StearnsAnalystAsked:
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You can use ADD TABLE to add an existing table. Don't know about .mdx file. VFP does have to capability to convert indexes from dBase.
Glenn StearnsAnalystAuthor Commented:
I know I need to use ADD TABLE. What I want is the ADD TABLE syntax using the variable names provided in my question.
ramromconsultant Commented:
By variable name do you mean "table1.dbf" etc?

You can use macro substitution e.g.

tablename = "table1.dbf"
add table &tablename
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The code should add all dbf files in the folder into a database.
FOR lnCounter=1 to ADIR(laFile,'*.DBF')
    ADD TABLE (laFile[lnCounter,1])

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Glenn StearnsAnalystAuthor Commented:
I cannot get the macro substitution to run. Error: Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword. I typed it into the command window just like shown.

On the CREATE DATABASE code lines - how does the FOR command know where the database files are located?  They are located in C:\TABLES.
It was for the default folder. so give command
set default to c:\tables

before the other code
ramromconsultant Commented:
Should have been:

tablename = "table1"
add table &tablename


add table (tablename)

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