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Can't reach Experts Exchange site from my work DSL

On three separate occasions I have had a situation where I cannot reach the from any of the computers in my office.  Some are running Windows, others Linux, and all use Firefox though IE does not work either.

Each time the problem has persisted for a few hours to a couple of days.  I reset the DSL modem, reset the Router (linksys, model unknown cause I'm at home) and it makes not difference.

I thought it might be my ISP (Covad) but another company in the same building has Covad DSL and they did not have the problem earlier today when I tested it.

I do not have any access restrictions setup on the router, the machines do not share any antivirus software in common and do not have Windows firewall enabled.

What the heck is going on?

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Machines DHCP for their addresses EXCEPT the Linux server which exhibits the same problem.

Linksys acts as the local DNS server; really just a proxy for the ones provided by Covad.
Bad DNS is a possibility.  I thought I eliminated that with the test on the other Covad DSL installation but there is no guarantee that the DNS setups are the same.  I will check to see if the DNS server addresses are hard coded in the router.

I am not able to ping when I am having the problem.

Tracert from gives me various results:
 - dies after getting to a Level 3 router in San Francisco from my system when I have the problem
 - dies (just times out with asterisks across the board) from a business in Sunnyvale California with a T3 and an unknown ISP
 - makes it to the site from home on Woway cable modem

I will try fooling with the DNS settings and flushing the DNS buffers on the machines and see what happens.


Well, I have not had anymore problems with Experts-Exchange since fiddling with the DNS settings but I have noticed another site, that gives me a problem.  I am going to close this question and award the points since the answer seems to be common denominator.

Thanks much.  Bill