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Change data layout

Can anyone modify the code below, so that it returns the following:

PollQuestionText returned once

PollYesText  PollYesValue
PollNoText PollNoValue

Current Output
Are you a good programmer | Yes | 0 | No | 1

Output would be:
Are you a good programmer
Yes 0
No   1

I need it to display in a radiobuttonlist that has 2 option
SELECT PollQuestionText AS PollQuestionText,
		   PollYesText AS PollYesText,
		   PollYesValue AS PollYesValue,
		   PollNoText AS PollNoText,
		   PollNoValue AS PollNoValue
	FROM dbo.Website_Polls

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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