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Toggle multiple DIV on and off.


I have 5 divs which get displayed depending on what  heading is hovered over.  I want this popup to remain open until another selection is made, the previously opened DIV should be closed when a new selection is made.  Only one div should be open at a time.  The following code shows/hides them okay, but they dont stay open.
<script type="text/javascript">
  var $curr = $("#start");
      function () {
	  $curr = $curr.prev();
      function () {
<div id="goal1">
<div id="msg_list">
<p class="msg_head"><img src="images/goal1.gif" alt="Goal 1 Benchmarking" name="goal1" width="285" height="49"></p>
<div class="msg_body">
<strong>Goal 1</strong>Text text</div>

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