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In MS Access, how do I set text alignment in a linked table.

I've created some tables in Access that are linked to different sheets in an Excel workbook. This may seem strange but the client I'm working with deals exclusively with forms filled out in Excel by brokers. but he wants all of that data in a database that everyone else in the company can work with easily.

However I find that I end up with some formatting that I don't seem to be able to change. Take a look at the attached jpeg of the Borrower's table. "B1 First" and "B1 Address" should be left-aligned as they are in Excel.  How do I fix that? I've recreated the linked table 3 times and it always comes out this way.

In the second image, the field Loan TYpe looks fine in Table View but weird in Form View.  How do I fix that?

Or are these just unfixable issues in linked tables?


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