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Restoring Domain controller from NTbackup


I have on DC called DC1 and one backup DC called DC2
Both are running Windows Server 2003 SP2
DC1 is the also FMSO holder.
I want to have another DC later with windows server 2008.
I will run Adprep on DC1 but need recovery plan if something goes wrong.
adprep /forestprep    
adprep /domainprep  
adprep /gpprep

Do I need to backup both dcs system state data DC1 and  DC2?
Say after run adprep both DCs give problems how can I restore my dc please explain.
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Before going for any change, you need to backup what you have configured.
I would suggest you to go through this Make sure you have a backup, in case anything goes wrong.
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Did not answer my question

Say I need to restore my dc from backup must I resort both DC1 and DC2 or Will this work restore DC1 which is FSMO holder from NTbackup remove  dc2 manually from AD reload DC2 add as backup dc with dcpromo.
You need to restore only DC1. DC2 is your backup DC, so it can replicate with Master.
Must I manually remove DC2 in AD because did not run dcpromo on dc2
You can. But try removing second DC by running DCPROMO /forceremoval, if DC1 is no longer in the network.

O.K what I mean

After running adprep AD is corrupt
I reload both dc1 and dc2
On dc1 I restore system state data from backup
Then I remove dc2 from AD because I want to bring dc2 back up with same name
after Removing dc2 from ad I run dcpromo to promote dc2 as backup dc  
You removed DC2 from AD, right? Dis it happen through dcpromo OR it was a manual deletion? What happened when you ran DCPROMO on DC2?
Did not run anything yet but I need disaster recovery plan when something goes I wrong.
Say after running adprep both dcs AD is corrupt I backed up both dcs what exactly must I to to get both up and running as before
You need to do an authoritative restore on your PDC. Boot your PDC in AD restore mode and then restore the backup. After restoring data, open command prompt and type ntdsutil --- press enter. Type authoritative restore and press enter. Type restore database and press enter. Click Ok and then Yes.


But will it also work when I reload both dcs make a non authoritative restore on dc1 fsmo holder remove dc2 from ad after removing dc2 in ad run dcpromo to replicated dc2 with dc1 to make it a backup dc again
If you have not removed DC2 using dcpromo and accidently deleted it from AD only then yes, it will work
so i must not delet DC2 manually before  i run dcpromo again
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Abhay Pujari
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