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Can anyone help a source control dummy to convert a winCVS repository to Subversion on using the cvs2svn tool?


The level of assumption when dealing with online help articles relating to source control systems, namely winCVS and Subversion is very frustrating for a complete beginner.

All the examples give you the commands....as if you already know where to type them! I mean where do you type the commands?

I would be grateful if someone could give me some bullet proof instructions on getting started with the conversion process without assuming I know where to type commands.

I will tell you what point I am at.

I have installed subversion with TortoiseSVN and managed to set up a repository and check out the files. I have even managed to set the global-ignore extensions in the config file...oooooooh!

I have backed up my winCVS repository containing the files I want to convert.

I have downloaded and installed cvs2svn.

Now I'm lost and confused having read lots of articles assuming you know how to open the right box and type in their commands.

Sorry for the long winded question, but I am just trying to answer some of the obvious questions so that an expert can take me to the next step.

Any help is much appreciated, cos I'm lost.
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