Motorola Q in "flash mode" and wont turn on

My Motorola Q battery died and when I plugged it back in it has black screen with white type that says that it is in "motorola flash mode".

I cant make out the rest of the description because it only flashes it on the screen when i hold down the on button.

Any help would be appreciated! thank you.
Brenae NoackProduct ManagerAsked:
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Michael KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah... you can TRY removing the battery for 10+ minutes and putting it back in, but I'm afraid that the Flash is horked on that phone... it's not uncommon on the Q/WM5.
You can try this if you're handy... can't hurt now anyway.
If not simply return the phone or go to the provider's store and they will reflash it.
Brenae NoackProduct ManagerAuthor Commented:
I got it to stay on, here is the error message:

Motorola Flash Mode
Bootloader Version:

Charger Connected
Please Connect the USB cable
Michael KnightCommented:
hmm... well looking further, the links in that post appear dead... the link to RSD is here:
but I can't find a working link to the Monster Flash file for the Q, you'll have to google around a bit, maybe someone has it on the torrent network.  if I find it I'll post back.
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