Diskpart - problem

I have SAN volume connected to my windows 2000 server system, I have extended the volume size on SAN and now trying to extend in the windows 2000 using diskpart so that i can see full space.

Diskpart was not installed on my 2000 server, so i downloaded diskpart 5.1.3553 and installed on windows 2000, it installed under c:\program files\resource kit\diskpart.exe

so i opened command prompt and executed diskpart from the above folder. However when i run diskpart, it give me error "The disk management services could not complete the operation" and then it exit from the utility.

please let me know how can i fix this issue, as i urgently need to extend my volume.

Thanks in adnvance.
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What is the type of DISK you are trying to use diskpart on (disk manager)?  Is the disk Dynamic, Basic or Simple?  I think for diskpart, the disk needs to be dynamic partition simple.

The other issue you might have is that the diskpart you have downloaded is not compatible with windows 2000.
Here is a link to the win2k item by item download of resource kit components:
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