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Capturing the client area of a form ( Almost Solved )

I am trying To Capture and Print an area of the Solitaire using CaptureActiveWindow, however that only works when the Solitaire is active and front on my screen. If any other 3rd party window is front of the solitaire and hiding the solitaire window my code will capture the window which is front of the solitaire. Is there anyway to can capture and print an area of solitaire even if the form is minimized?

The code what i use is from microsoft:
How To Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or Any Window;en-us;161299&Product=vb6

BTW i a using visual basic v6.0
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You'd have to get a handle of the window, send a resize message to it, capture and print, and possibly minimize it again with a resize message
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