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Exhange Server 5.5 MTA service is not binding to port 25?

Good Day All,
I am encountering a very bizarre 'condition' in that it appears as though one of my remote branch exchange servers is no longer listening on port 25? ?

My environment:
Windows 200 Server SP4
Exchange 5.5 SP4 (yes I know...it's OOOLD :)

Here is the strange part?  All Microsoft Exchange Services are running but when I run "netstat -an" the subsequent port listing reveals that port 25 is not listening?  I can certainly confirm that the Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent service is running...

Also...I have had a look and can confirm that there is now no longer any Anti-Virus software running on the machine.

Running a telnet to the local machine from the local command prompt confirms my predicament :(
"telnet 25" returns an "unable to connect to host on port 25: Connect failed"

Any ideas, I am truly stuck and as is always the case this is very urgent as the server caters for all of the staff at our Head Office site!

Thanks in advance

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I'm stumped, however its a good time to tell them you need to upgrade to at least 2003 :)
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haha yeah thanks!

We have plans to upgrade the environment in the coming months!  Until then however, I need to somehow fix it...ANY IDEAS!!? ?
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I hopped into my car and drove a few km's up the road and collected the server and brought it back to one of our main sites.  Once placed on the LAN the (now side by side) exchange servers started communicating correctly again!  Message flow resumed and the queues headed down towards the zero mark.  This suggests that the problem is in fact a networking issue...  The network link was unstable at times with generally low throughput and fairly high latency!

I could however see both machines across the network, pingable by fqdn etc...

Once the server's queues were empty we shut down the server and took it back across town to our remote site.  In addition, we remapped the VPN link through another connection (a much faster, more stable dsl connection) and the server's have CONTINUED TO WORK!!

Looks as though this one may be attributed to a poor quality/high latency network connection causing the MTA to seriously crash it's RPC sessions to the servers.

In addition, before sending the server back to it's remote site "Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 server SP4" was installed on the troublesome MTA exchange box.

I will continue to watch the performance of exchange and in particular the MTA over the coming days and will then confirm this question solved.

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