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How do I route all mail from one domain name across a Frame connection and everything out our standard internet connection?

I currently have a single exchange 2003 server and I have one Routing Group with one connector and has a * in the address space area of the properties box.  we have a need to take all emails destined for one of our clients example and route it across a frame relay connection.  All other mail will contiune to route via the same path only the emails destined for will route across the frame line.

The flip side of this is also true their mail server will also be setup to push across the frame connection is there anything I need to do on my Exchange Server for it to accept the mail?

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Sounds like you need a Frame Relay Analyzer.
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A what? are you just poking in the dark?  I am trying to fogure out how the tell the exchange server which direction to route the mail.  In 5.5 you could point this to a IP address. Not sure how it is done in 2003 as for the frame relay it is fine and has been working for years...don't think an analyzer would do me any good.
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You need to create a new SMTP Connector.  You will then set it for to the IP address of the exchange/email server on the other side of the frame relay.

In Exchange System Manager goro the Admin groups and expand your location, expand the server, then goto connectors.  Right click and create a new smtp connector.  Fill in the blanks from there the local bridgehead is your server, the address space is where you put the remote mail server and so on.  Also make sure you have the routing set to send the traffic across the frame relay.
Yeah, I'm poking in the dark.  Don't suppose you'd like to pull up a search on Frame Relay Analyzer and check to see what it is and what it does.  I had some other information that I was gonna pass along but I have had my fill of dark poking.
Sorry the address space is where you put the domain of the client ex then make sure the radio button next to forward is selected and put in the IP of the remote mail server.
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I found the connectors under "Routing Groups" I do not have a section call connectors under the server.
I have gotten to the point of the address space and I have entered a SMTP for but there is no place to put the IP address for the next mail exchanger.
Its not a relay he is looking for though, he made that clear in saying he knew how in 5.5 to point specific mail to an IP which is a connector in 2003.  I have multiple clients setup this way since we deal with a lot of medical data and HIPAA is a big part of that so we make it a requirement of all clients that require email services to either setup a VPN to encrypt traffic between our mail servers or if they are a large enough client we get a P2P T1 or fiber connection if possible.

If you want someone to take you seriously than maybe place something more that one line in your answer.  I will do some research on the Frame Relay Analyzer.  I am sure I will find it all quite interesting.  You answer just seemed off focus due to a line about analyzing frame relays as opposed to Exchange.

Have a good day.
StrifeJester you are on the right track the customer I am dealing with is a military and we need to encrypte everything across our private frame relay.

I will reread some of your other posts a try again.
There are two ways that SMTP Connectors can be created - it depends on the view.
If you have show Routing groups enabled then Connectors are shown as part of the Routing Group.
If you do not have Show Routing Groups enabled then Connectors will be under Server.
It is the same thing, it is just a way of ESM make the display less cluttered for sites with only one or two servers.

Remember when you setup the connector to get the costs correct. The one with specific domains listed should be 1, the one with * should be 2 or higher.

Mestha thanks for the follow up the link StrifeJester sent me included all of that info and it made perfect sense.  

That link was a great find.  Now do I have to do anything with my exchange server to allow the mail coming from their server across the frame in?

I was looking at my exchange system manager fully expanded instead of walking through the steps as I typed.  The site I provided should help for where the options are.  But just in case I am going to flow through the steps a little more slowly this time.

Expand Administrative Groups
Expand The Site
Right Click Connectors --> New --> SMTP Connector
Give it a Name
Select Forward and enter IP of the remote Server
Add your mail server to the local Bridgeheads
Add the domain to the address space tab wit ha cost of 1

These are the basics and should get it working.  You can tweak the settings to your needs from there.
Mestha, agreed we use a 1 for clients and 25 for our internet mail service which routes through our ISA server.
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You shouldn't have to do anything except make sure that the traffic is allowed across the relay from their server.  Your server will treat this just like any other mail that comes in from a source like the internet.
Thank you for the points hope everything works out well for you.