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Install Win XP on HP NX6125

I've got a 2nd hand HP NX6125 notebook. I replaced the faulty HDD and is trying to install Win XP. I don't have the original Restore CD. I'm using a OEM installation disk.
The install begins correctly; I can create a partition and format the HDD.
The problem is after the first reboot of the installation process the notebook starts up and only display a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner.
I did googled this problem and it seems the only way to install Win Xp is with the restore cd, which I don't have. I also phoned hp support to obtain this disk but the notebook is out of warranty and they refuse to supply me.
Ubuntu is installing correctly. Please help so I can install Win XP

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I would suggest testing the ram and hard drive at this point.  It sounds as if there may be a problem there.  If Ubuntu installs correctly, does not necessarily mean the laptop is 100% Fully functional.

Memory tester:

Hard drive diagnostic tools:

This might get you started in the right Direction. 
Be prepaired to start looking for a lot of drivers, once you get it running.
This lists some .
Note the unusual ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M chipset .
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Hi guys

Thank you for your replies, but I've tried every thing you all suggested but nothing seems to fix my problem.
Does any one know where I can download an image of the restore CD.

Thank you
unfortunately I dont think it is downloadable.  You need to contact hp for a set of recovery disks...that would be the best bet.

Also what happened when you scanned the hard drive and ram?
Any messages?  What programs did you use to test?
Also if you tested any of the other possible solutions above...did you get any error messages or anything?  what happened when you tried those things?!  This will give us an idea of hardware or software issues here.  Or possible driver issue etc.
if it also hangs with the blinking cursor, did you try to boot in safe mode?
it is just missing a driver -  can you tell us exactly when the screen appears ?
I did test the ram & hdd using the bios test util & with memtest86 & seagate disk tool. All test OK with no error massages.
I updated the bios to the latest release.
I also tried to install win2k with a error massage during install : Cannot access boot device
** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7AF4524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
This massage also appears when installing winxp. It occurs just after all the build in drivers are loaded.
I did create an install disk using nLite with the required ide drivers added. The mainboard chipset is : ATI express 200m.
Hope this will assist you guys in helping me.
is that a sata disk ? and you included Sata drivers in the install (hit F6 key; drivers on a floppy )
or else, you can have other problems - verify by running from a knoppix cd :
It sure sounds like a hard drive problem. The last comment is a good one.

Also, be sure that the option pins on the back of the drive are set properly. The little jumper clip on the back should be set to master on an older computer, as any other settings will not work on an older computer.

Barring all other options there is a small chance that that the drive is not formatted.

If this is the case then what I would do is find some bootable software that can be, used to format the hard drive.

If you have an 'A' floppy drive then a windows 98 boot floppy will at least get you started in the right direction.

I messed up and never read your problem correctly. You already did what I suggested, and I was talking about a tower not a notebook.

In your case, it is very possible that the motherboard has problems; however trying another hard drive could be an option, before giving up.
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>>  I corrected the conflict   <<   that would be in the bios?  
anyhow - if you do not need further assistance, you can close the question
A very interesting solution. I am glad that you solved your problem.