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Copy Job in Backup Exec


I have various servers running SQL and they each do there own SQL backup to local .BAK files. Currently these files are included in the Weekly and Daily backups to our backup server and so become part of the .bkf files and then are duplicated to tape. This works no problem but I think adds more time than necessary.

Does Backup Exec 11d have a function where I can copy the *.BAK files without doing a backup of them and then duplicate that copy to tape? From what I have read this can only be achieved via a scheduled robocopy or something similar but then I don't see how the duplicate would work.

For the time being getting Backup Exec to do the actual SQL backups is not an option but it is something which is being proposed.



The reason that I do not want to backup the *.BAK files is that the restore procedure then becomes longer and the backup is longer as well I assume as Backup Exec will try to compress the files, or will this not be the case with compression completely disabled?
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