Powerbuilder 6.5 to 11 migration

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Just wondering if anyone here has done a migration from 6.5 to 11. Any advice,  documentation, problems or issues encountered.
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u need not worry , the migration will be done by PB 9 itself...

always take a backup of ur old pbls...

now for PB 9 u need to create a workspace and target...

select all the pbls and it will prompt of a version conflict, that the pbls are of an older version and do u want to migrate...

say yes and it would migrate for u...

if there are any issue it will prompt errors and warning...

in case of errors comment the code giving the error(make a note) and migrate again....

once the migration is complete go to the commented code and write an alternative...

mostly it should go smoothly...

Do ask for more assistance...




your comments reference pb 9,

I want to go to pb 11. I can migrate from 6.5 directly to 11 correct?
Yes, you can migrate from 6.5 directly to 11. We have actually successfully migrated a PB 5.2 application directly to PB11.

Just create the workspace and the target and select the App and the library list. As Rosh stated, PB will do everything for you. Then you will see a list of warnings and errors. Just fix the errors, if there are any. Usually errors are for functions/calls that are no longer supported or are already obsolete.

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