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How can I setup an Exchange server to run on the same domain as a Merak Mail server?

I have a server in my office which hosts a nunber of customer domains and includes a Merak Mail server. I now wish to add an Exchange mail server so we can make better use of our Windows Mobile Devices and also internal outlook email.

I would prefer to leave the Merak mail server in place since it has superior anti spam and virus control, but if I install Exchange 2003 in the same server it will take over ALL the domains, and I only want it to handle one domain,

For now I removed Exchange 03 from the domain server ( webdns ) on local address and installed it on a second internal server called ( exchserv ) local address

I understand I can setup Merak as a backup mail server poiting towards exchserv.cowboy.local, but this does not seem to work. Further more, it seems in order to use the exchange server for Mobile Devices I will need it on the edge of the wan so the mobiles can find the incoming ports. I can easily setup exchange so it can be accessed from the internet using a web browser by changing port 80 to port 8080 as an example, but this does not resolve the issue of using exchange with our Mobile Devices.

So I'm hoping rather than "experiment" and mess up an entire domain, I would check to see if anyone has experience in this area.

Thanks again for any input in this matter. :-)


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I read the article and after trying it, exchange decided to take over all services and domains and therefore, other than the domain in question, all the other accounts went down, since I had no intention of hosting those domains on the exchange server.

I'll therefore look into a second static if there is no other way.

If you don't have a second static address, then sending all SMTP traffic to the Exchange server will mean Exchange is responsible for all email.

You can have Exchange responsible for a domain without hosting it. It means using an SMTP Connector and a relay option. It does mean though that any on delivery antispam option will be very functional, because the message has already been delivered (to your Exchange server).

Hmmm. Can you give me some pointers on creating this option?

Create an SMTP connector in the usual way (there are instructions all over the internet for that, so I will not repeat it here).
In the address space tab remove * and enter the domain that you want to forward email for.
Set the smart host as the IP address or host of the other server to send email to. If you are using an IP address then it needs to be included in [] - so []
Enable the option to allow relaying to those domains.

Ensure that * is removed before setting, otherwise you will turn the server in to an open relay.
Exchange will then accept the email and pass it straight out again.

I decided to add a second static, then set exchange up on a second server rather then bandaide things and it works like a charm.