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New Web Technology advice

This is not a specific question rather advice required to help me achieve my dream. I have a degree in interactive multimedia but I have encountered MANY problems which is hindering my progress towards a career in web design & development.

My main problem is that I am confused with retrieving data from a database and displaying in a webpage. I have trawled the internet no end and am still confused. I used to be able to perform this operation using classic ASP.  However, I now use my laptop running Vista with IIS installed. I am now using MS Access 2007 which is where I think the problem lies? If someone would help me I would be willing to negotiate a payment through Paypal as this would help me no end.  You see I am quite proficient using CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Director, VB Script, Classic ASP.  However, I am not knowledgable using PHP, ASP.Net or AJAX solutions.  I would be willing to learn these once I am confident connecting to a db and displaying the results.  Especially paging through recordsets, (Which has been a total nightmare for me! Another story:(  ).

If you could suggest specific books or websites that would help me I would be eternally grateful as I would then feel confident to offer my skills in the workforce/marketplace rather than just as a hobby.  I have a degree in Interactive Multimedia (BA Hons) but I feel that this did not cover certain subjects adequately.  This is the reason that I am contemplating furthering my education using the Open University programme.  This is the reason why I have sought your professional advice before starting any courses. If you could help in any way or require further information I would be delighted to hear from you. I can be contacted at

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards

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You can use PHP & MySQL to do the above task, It is very simple.

Have a look at here,

To practice this,

You need XAMPP or WAMP SERVER setup to install PHP , APACHE & MYSQL
Otherwise, post sample code what you want to do?
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Thankyou. I think I am trying to bite off more than I can chew. I will just try and get a job and learn new skills if required. much appreciated.