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Need to upgrade from Windows 2003 Standard to Windows 2003 Enterprise

We are running into a problem with the Windows 2003 standard memory limitations and want to upgrade to Windows 2003 Enterprise.  Does anyone know of any known issues wtih the upgrade that could pop up and if Microsoft has a document on the upgrade?
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this may be the whitepaper your looking for:
 and here's someones experience: 
As long as your hardware and applicaition is supported, you shouldn't have any problem. Since it's from win2k3 to win2k3, I don't see any problem. The ony concern is that since your server needs more than 4GB, it could be a critical server that you need to reserver downtime in case you have to do restore from backup. Also, before you do the upgrade, you may want to provision your existing and compare a solution with a new server with new install. Most of the time it may be cheaper and less worry and minimize downtime to almost 0. Afterall, you don't want to do the upgrade and the server hardware can last only a year or two. Just keep in mind that if you are going to spend the $ for a Win2k3 enterprise, you might as well spend the $ for a new hardware, is could be cheaper for the hardware than the OS of Win2k3 Enterprise, so just double the cost would give you another peacful alternative.