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Internet e-Mail address format changes through GroupWise Connector for Exchange


migrating from GroupWise to Exchange. Have all working, except for one issue:

When a user from the exchange system sends an e-mail to a user in the groupwise system (through the connector) and in the same message includes addresses of users on the internet, the message is send out to everybody just fine. But, when the groupwise user wants to "Reply to All", it is only send back to the Exchange user and not to the users on the internet. Reviewing the message from the groupwise user's mailbox shows us that the internet users are in the message in the following format:


Where APIGW is the name of the API gateway in the groupwise system and GWDOM is the name if the GroupWise domain where the API resides.

Any ideas?
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thanks, I found that switch in the API gateway. We are using the Exchange Migration Tools in combination with some other tool for addressbooks.

I will defenitely look at Novell's gateway as I have heard much good things about it.
Hi guys,

Do you remember which switch you enabled to fix the "".APIGW.GWDOM issue. Would this be set in the ngwapi.prm file? I'm using the GroupWise API gateway 4.1 and experience the same issue when a GroupWise user responds to an email from the internet.

thanks again
In the Novell Exchange gateway there is a switch called useSMTPaddress as I recall.  I don't have a gwexch.cfg file handy but I recall that is it.  For the API gateway that you're using, I'm not sure.

Sounds good, I just found this article from Novel that mentioned setting the "Ignore GroupWise Internet Addressing":