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cross site scripting.

What is best way to prevent cross site scripting?
If user enters encoded value like for %3c for <, how to track this?
plz provide examples.
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Where will the user enter the data ? What kind of application do you have ?
Normally for a Web application, the general approaches to prevent cross-site scripting attacks
- Filter input parameters for special characters.
- Filter output based on input parameters for some special characters
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It is web appplication.
jsp- We have our framework-.
We can write/add filter in it.
do anybody have example for it?
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I have following value in text field. still script is getting executed and showing alert.
<input id="headline" type="text" name="headline"  value="<script>alert&#40;&quot;hi&quot;&#41;</script>" />
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like this
<input id="headline" type="text" name="headline"  value="&lt;script&gt;alert&#40;&quot;hi&quot;&#41;&lt;/script&gt;" />

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why so?
you should remove the script tags from the user input, refer the link I have posted!