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Disable email deletion in an Exchange 2007 Mailbox

Environment:  Exchange 2007 SP1

An employee has left our company.  I'd need to allow our staff to read/reply/forward emails in this mailbox in a continuing bases, using Outlook Web Access.   I've enabled OWA & provide the password for the staff to monitor this ex-employee's mailbox.

However, I do not know how to prevent ex-employee's email being deleted.   It seems to me that OWA need full permission to be operational.

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Do you have deleted items retention turned on? It would allow you to recover items even if they were deleted.
Also do messages being replied to from this mailbox need to seem as though they are coming from the old user? If not you could just setup a forward from the ex-employees mail alias to a new person to handle the messages.
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Delete retention is not relevant to this question.
I don't want forwarding either.
Thx.  Pls keep it going.
If the users have the password for the account, you cannot restriction them from doing anything to the mailbox. They are logging in as the owner.

To stop content being deleted, they will need to use another account to access the mailbox. That account cannot have Full Mailbox permissions nor the combination of Send As/Receive As as that will give effectively Full Access.
If you want to set permissions then each folder in turn will need to given permissions to restrict deletion of items.

After a few days of getting no answer, I'd just say MS Exchange does not have the feature I want.
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I guess I should credit you for "There is no "Read Only" full mailbox access permission." which I had suspected.

"if you want someone to access the account and be able to view content only and not read it then you have to set the permissions on each folder individually."
This is not particularly relevant to OWA, though.

It is just a confirmation that my request is just a feature MSFT does not provide.
Once the permissions are set on the folders then the user can access the mailbox through OWA. You have to set the permissions through Outlook though.
However it is a lot of work for a task that is mostly like to be used for a short period only.