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How to document a Visual Studio Project

Is there any add-in or product that will document (i.e., allow me to print) all the specifications of my project, e.g., all properties for all forms, all codebehind, configuration files, included files (e.g., XML), etc.?  Ideally it would be configurable for what types of files -- or what specific files -- I wanted to include in the documentation.

I generally use VB.NET and ASP.NET.  I'm currently using VS 2005, and moving soon to VS 2008.

Microsoft Access has this thing called "Database Documenter."  Sure it can result in hundreds of pages of text, but print to a PDF fle, and it takes little space.

This is one of biggest weaknesses if found with visual stuido:  no ability to document the app.

Any solutions would be appreciated.
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I don't use XML documentation because I don't know what it is in Visual Basic (because I rarely use XML in most situations if I can avoid it).  The link you gave me seemed to be more concerned with C#, but I don't have any desire or intention on switching to C# from VB.  Thanks for the link; I'll explore in more detail later, but I was really looking for something a bit more literal, akin to Microsoft Access' database documenter.

nkhelashivli (hope I got that right),

I checked out the second link a little more a second time, and it does provide for some VB documentation.  Apparently, these are add-ins like VBDocumenter and NDOC.  They are all coming up as solutions, however, and I'm not sure they work with ASP 3.5.  Besides, they are all solutions in themselves, and I'm not sure what do do with them once I unpack and open them.  If you can give me the link to the best solution (VBDownloader or NDOC) and help me install the thing for Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, then you get the points.  I doubt you need 'em, but I'm in dire straits here.

I am, though, looking for something pretty simple.

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