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Is it possible to add a third monitor to a notebook with docking station and if so, how?

I have a Dell Latitude notebook that is docked in a port replicator. On the back of the replicator there are two video connections: one digital (white connector) and one analog (blue connector). Currently, I have a wide-screen monitor plugged into the digital connector. The wide-screen monitor is my primary display, and my desktop is extended to the notebook's lcd. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3.

I have another older flat panel monitor that has analog capability. Is it possible to either:
1) Use that monitor as my secondary instead of the notebook's lcd?
2) Use all three monitors?

If 1 or 2 is possible, please suggest how I would set it up.
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Thank you!
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I finally got around to trying this and it did not work. Here's the setup:

Notebook docked in port replicator. Replicator has a VGA and a Digital port.
Analog monitor plugged into VGA port. I'll call this "VGA".
Wide screen monitor plugged into Digital port; I'll call this "DIG".
I'll call the notebook "LCD".

Control Panel > Display > Settings still shows only 2 monitors (even after reboot).

I use Fn-F8 to toggle CRT/LCD. Starting with the desktop showing ONLY on LCD:

Fn-F8 -->  LCD & VGA; both identified as "1"
Fn-F8 -->  VGA only; identified as "1"
Fn-F8 --> DIG & LCD; both identified as "1"
Fn-F8 -->  DIG only; identified as "1"
Fn-F8 -->   VGA & DIG; both identified as "1"
Fn-F8 -->  back to LCD only

Note that whenever the image gets to DIG, it's using the VGA resolution.

Now tried: with desktop showing only on DIG:
     click on "2" and check "extend ..."
       desktop was extended; DIG is "1" and LCD is "2"

Fn-F8 --> DIG only; identified as "1"
Fn-F8 --> DIG & VGA, both identified as "1"
Fn-F8 --> DIG only;
Fn-F8 --> VGA & LCD; both identified as "1"
Fn-F8 --> VGA only
Fn-F8 --> back to DIG & LCD; DIG is "1" and LCD is "2"

Does this indicate that the port replicator is incapable of recognizing two distinct external monitors? Or is there something I need to set in Windows (XP Pro SP2)?      
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