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Compaq Presario 1800 no display

I am working on a Compaq Presario 1800 series Laptop.

If you start it from a cold boot, the computer boots up fine.
If you shut down or do a restart you get no video.

You can hear the HDD and fans running but there is no video.
You can put it into standbmode and it will come back up.

ANy ideas would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!!

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What OS are you running? What OS was originally installed? What version BIOS is installed? Have you made any hardware changes?
First go into Bios and set to default (probably already is), if that doesn't do it, Bios flash:

Be careful, you can ruin your machine this way.
Hi getmorepc, That BIOS flash is for the 1810... Is it compatible with the 1800 too?
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Sorry forgot to mention OS (XP SP3) Orignially came with 98SE
Unsure of Bios Version, will have to check it.
No hardware changes I know of.
Will try the Video driver update and see if it helps,
if so I will update question.


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Updating to xp3 was a bad move you can always restore xpsp2 and get the sanity back.
No video or no desktop?
Try taking the video card out and then reseat it.
Maybe a conflict with the battery and the ac power.
Do you have both on?

Didn't upgrade done a Complete Format and Clean INstall to XPSP3.

As for taking video card out, not possible of course with Laptop.

Have tired it both with Batt out and in, and still same issue.

Am going to try updating video drivers first, then if necessary update the bios.

THanks every one.

I can take my video card out on my Acer laptop just unscrew the panel on the bottom, there should be a panel for the hard drive ram sticks and video card battery
The first step for me would be to test the Video by plugging into an external monitor when the screen fails.

this will narrow down the scope of the problem.  It could be a loose cable, bad monitor, or bad video.  If it works on the external monitor then your problem is likely the cable or the LCD itself.
OK UPdate on status!

Can't install Video driver listed above.
Its for 98 and is lookinf for files that are not on PC being as I have XP installed.

Can't do the bios update because there is no Floppy drive, and I don't think it is capable of being burnd to cd.

As for video card, if that is the one with the power button on it,.. Yes I can remove it, but would not
begin to fathom where to find a replacement for it.

As for plugging in to external monitor, I have already done that and when it won't display you also get nothing on monitor either, so it is not LCD related.

I am going to look into he bios upgrade, but am seriously thinking it is the video adapter causing the problem.

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I have an Acer with an ATI mobile radium and used to see this too, oneday it just had no boot,  black screen,
check if the battery is faulty or failing when using ac with a dying battery could cause no boot auto shutdowns no power strange pattens on the screen.
The display went all funny.

eventually I found the problem was the battery, when on AC I would remove the battery to save the battery life and my laptop didnt like it.
Now I leave the new  battery in with AC on as well and it all works fine even if I dont boot it for a days.
try reseating everything under those panels
check the vents under the laptop for dust.
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