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Using RWW (Remote Web Workspace) in Firefox

I'm using a home PC that has IE7 on it, that I've been using for 1year+ to access RWW (Remote Web Workstation) on our SBS2003 server in the office so I can work remotely on my office PC.

I've decided to try out Firefox, and when I try and get a remote session on my PC via RWW, I get the familiar message (see below) about the AcitveX control needing to be installed.

However, shouldn't this be on my home PC anyhow, as I've been using RWW via IE7 all along ?
(or does it need to be installed per browser ?)

If the latter, how can I get it installed - on IE you get a litle pop up at the top that you can follow to download the ActiveX control, but it aint happening with Firefox

From another tab in Firefox I also tried downloading the "Remote Conection Tool" or somesuch from MS site, dated 2003. I had to run the installation file from Windows Explorer (i.e. not via Firefox). It seemed to install ok, but seems to have vanished into the ether as far as Firefox is concerned (as I half expected given that the installation process did not in any way associate the control with Firefox)
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...I wouldn't want to rely on these !

Ok, that settles it - need to keep IE around for the RWW stuff :-)
vele Danks
Upps, ok a little bit older.

Got to your Firefox Add Ins and search for "IE Tab".
This embedbs IE into Firefox and should run, as I heard.
If this is a better idea as to work direcly with IE, don't ask me.

You may have a look here, not sure if compatible with Firefox 3
Yes, it makes sense anyway.
thanks !

I'm happy enough to run IE seperately - running the plug-in I'm sure means that I'll need IE installed anyhow I guess. As you allude, its a lot of bother for not much advantage.

No problem.
If I want a microsoft solution (RWW), I suppose its no real surprise that I should use microsoft software (IE).