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asked on redirect http <--> https without absolute url

There are 1-3 pages in my app I need secure. How can I have the pages automatically go to https for those pages only without using an absolute url in the redirect?

Thanks in advance.
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I work with C# so here is the code for C#. If you know C# and VB.NET you should be able to easily convert this.

All its doing is looking at the request variable

//if not secure connection
  //then replace http: in the URL with https:
  string redirectUrl = Request.Url.ToString().Replace("http:", "https:"); 
 //now go to the new secure URL

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Great, that works on going to that page, so it's half the battle.
The other half is, what can I do with the reponse.redirects to relative links going from the secure page to other pages? In this case I want to switch from https back to http.
any pages goin back to http, you can either add a reverse type of code on all of the other pages or hard code each of the links on the https page to say