Mapped Network Drive Time out Value


What I am looking for is the registry value to speed up the time out time of a network drive.  When the network drive doesn't exist because the user is off network I want the time out time it looks for the drive to be less.  Does anybody know where this value is?  

Basically if you go to my computer it hangs for 20 sec looking for the drive that doesn't exist.  I want a way to speed this up.

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Shows how you can change the default timeout period for network drive access. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
fixitbenAuthor Commented:
No my problem is the oppsite of this I want it to fail quicker.  

Say you disconnect you network cable and then go to my computer.  It stalls for 30sec looking for the mapped drives then fails and shows them not connected.  Well it does this everytime you click my computer.  Which can waste alot of time.  What I want to do is speed up the failure, so you don't have to wait so long.  

The only way to stop this is to disconnect the drive, but that really isn't option.

I hope this makes sense.  

So let me understand this correctly. You have drives mapped to all your users (not all of which are connected or online) and you want your users to keep these drives mapped and speed up the process it takes to discover these connections without disconnecting the mapped drive?

I can't seem to find anything that exists within the registry that speeds up the timeout setting but I did find something that may disable the error message all together. Take a look at this and see if this is more what you are looking to accomplish.

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Dhiraj MuthaLevel DCommented:
To speed it up do the following:

1) Open My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > In Advanced settings uncheck 'Automatically search for network folders and printers'

2) Go to Start > Run > type 'services.msc' > Disable the 'Windows Image Acquisition' service

Hope this helps.


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fixitbenAuthor Commented:
I tried both of those tricks neither changed anything.

Any other ideas.

Fixitben I was looking into other registry modifications and I found this on TekTips. Take a look at this. The user here shows how to increase the timeout using a registry modification, I assume you could do the same registry modification to decrease the timeout (just change the value). There are also some other links that may prove useful. Take a look and let me know what you think. Good Luck.
fixitbenAuthor Commented:
I tried that and it didn't change anything either.  It still does the same thing.  I know there has to be something out there for this.  I have seen many posts asking the same question, but no one replys.

fixitbenAuthor Commented:
None of these really helped.  But the 'Windows Image Acquisition'  did speed up the time on the end users machine to the 7 secs wait from 30sec.

Fixitben. I have the same issue. I found an interesting solution on another EE thread,
I have a BAT file that issues NET USE commands to connect my PC to several hard drives on other PCs on my LAN. When a PC is down, the NET USE command takes around 30 seconds to time out.
On this other thread, the suggestion is made for the BAT file to issue a PING and then skip the NET USE command if the ping times out. You can use the -w switch to set PING's timeout to however many milliseconds you want, and you can use the -n switch to limit the ping to just one attempt.
Here's the link:
IHTH, dbcole
Robert RiderOwnerCommented:
I wish "helpers" that respond to a question would please READ THE WHOLE REQUEST -- the replies to this question kept going off on a tangent - even AFTER the poster said that it was NOT the right answer !!!!!!!!
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