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AP SSID not showing on "available wireless networks"

I am trying to setup an Access Point on my home network. According to the directions, the Netgear wnhde111 it is properly configured. However, when I attempt to connect my laptops to it, the SSID for the AP does not show up as an available wireless network.

I've tried connecting with a Gateway P6312, Vista Business, built-in wireless NIC, a Satellite a65-s1062, XP pro SP3, Network Magic 4.9, Ā Netgear wn511B wireless card. On the Gateway, the SSID shows in "Manage wireless networks" but not in "Connect to a network". Using the Smart Wizard of the wn511B card, again no AP SSID listed.

I must be missing something fundamental as I've tried this with different operating systems, different wireless nics, and two separate wnhde111s with the same result.

1. connected the AP to the wired router D-Link EBR-2310.
2. used the setup wizard to first update the firmware and secondly to configure the AP using the default SSID and the APs PIN
3. attempted to connect laptops wirelessly via available wireless networks, failed
4. attempted to connect to a hidden network entering the SSID and the PIN, failed.

Anyone recognize what I'm stumbling on?

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