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Netware 3.12 server spontaneously downing itself - how do I keep it up?

I have a Netware 3.12 that worked fine until I shut it down. It is normally not left on, but booted on occasions when the old data on it is needed, then shut down. Today was different. I shut it down by the normal proper procedure, moved it to another room in the building, and restarted it. There were no workstations running when it booted. The the last thing it does when booting is LOAD MONITOR.

My workstations wouldn't connect. When I shut down the monitor, I found that the server was down, with a message on the screen like this:

1/21/09 9:34:20 PM: 0.0.0 Down file server requested by user MLI station 0

If I shutdown the monitor at the earliest possible moment, I can see the shutdown message spontaneously appear about 15 seconds after I close out the monitor.

This happens quite regularly on every boot now. I find that if I beat MLI to the punch by downing the server myself, the shutdown command from MLI still happens, but it produces an already-down message.
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