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Wired Network with Wireless adaptor

I have an interesting setup.

XPS computer
-has wireless belkin adapter getting an internet signal from a netgear wireless router
-the LAN port is plugged into a linksys WRT54G router that is just running as a switch

Now, the linksys router also has another hard wire going to a media unit plugged into my LCDTV. Every time I download a file and want to play it on my TV, I have to unplug the belkin wireless adapter so just the hard wired network can play the files.

my question is, is there ANY way i can keep the wireless adapter plugged in and access the internet while the LAN port on the XPS is plugged into my linksys router and not have to DISABLE my LAN port so i can use the internet too?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

can you give a bit more information about the setup

the wrt54g is running a dhcp server?
is the router configured as router, or as switch?

are the wireless and the wired network in the same range?

why not use the wrt54g as network bridge?
Alex Juchniewicz

steven, good morning.

the wrt54g is running a dhcp server and i did mess with setting the router to a router from a gateway but i didn't really know those settings because i have never used them before.

i think they are in the same range, the gateway is for both so i think they are conflicting. what should i set them too? the wired LAN is getting an ip from the wrt54g and the wireless belkin adapter is getting an ip from the wireless netgear router in the other room.

i have never used the wrt54g as a network bridge, what would that do?

if you are saying the belkin and the linksys are both at for their base address, that is definitly the problem.  change the linksys to and disable the dhcp server on the linksys, then it should pass through the network signal fine.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

sorry, I meant the netgear, not the belkin on the previous comment.

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Alex Juchniewicz

Ok, so on the xps system change the LAN port to obtain automatically for ip and dns? then change the linksys to how would i do that in the router setup? or is the the gateway of the LAN ip on xps?

Let's first try an easy solution, and further down go to more complicated ones.
Windows gives each network connecting a value on how fast it is. And will always go for the one with the lowest value (fastest).
In your case, it will try to connect through the wired network, because it's the fastest one, and it thinks there should be a network connected because it gets a default gateway, dns servers, ... from the router.
So we need to trick windows into ignoring that network, or only using it as secondary.
To do this, go to you network connections
right click a connection > properties > internet protocol (tcp/ip) > advanced > uncheck automatic metric
give the wireless a metric of 1
the wired connection a value of 100
reboot, and test
if this doesn't work, read on

Depending on how good your technical knowledge is, you can try putting dd-wrt on the linksys.
That will give it an option to create a wireless bridge.
This basically means that the wireless will pick up the signal form your first router, and relay it to the network ports.
So you would have a 4 port switch that is connected to the first one, as if it was connected with a cable.

But this is only if you're willing to mess around a bit with the routers config

an easier solution:
Leave the netgear as it is.
Log onto the linksys
in internet setup, choose for static ip
give it the ip
dns1 & dns2
change the dhcp ip-range to 192.168.2.x

I hope one of these does the trick :)
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yes, you would do that in the router setup and does become the gateway for the LAN connector on the XPS automatically by dhcp from the linksys when you plug it in.  but it will take a reboot or ipconfig /renew to get the xps to use the new ip network range after changing those settings.
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