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SSRS 2005 Report Looks Perfect in Preview & PDF Export. Looks like crap in browser. Why?

I was asked to create a report that mirrors a PowerPoint slide used for reporting on project status/info. The report is a custom layout made up of Panels & Textbox controls.

The issue I am having is that when I preview the report in Visual Studio, it looks just the way I designed it. But when I run the report from IE, the textboxes don't line up, have gaps between them etc... Basically, it looks like crap. Export the report to PDF from the crappy looking IE rendering and it is perfect. WTF?

Anyone know why this would happen? I triple checked for overlapping textboxes as I have read that this behavior will occur if you have those. Don't have any. The textboxes ARE butted up next to each other so that the borders overlap, but the content doesn't overlap.

I have attached a couple files to illustrate what I am seeing. I have spent hours of research trying to figure this out, but so far, no luck.

DB Reporting ToolsMicrosoft SQL Server 2005

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