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Linksys WRT54G subneted.

Hi Experts,
I have a customer who has a small network. Some machines cabled and others connected wirelessly.
The topology is very simple:
Cabled PCs
            >>              WRT54g Router           >>            ISP      
Wireless PCs

WRT54G parameters:
Local IP Address: 192.168.10. 1
Subnet Mask:      255.255.255. 0
Local DHCP server: Enabled
Start IP Address:
Number of Address:  [10]

I need to create a new wireless LAN absolutely isolated from the old one but using the same ISP services.
Which is the correct Linksys product for this requirement?
How do I configure that product?

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I am not aware of any Linksys that allows you to assign a secondary scope to it....

Easiest thing to do is to pick up another router, and uplink it to a switch port, and assign a secondary scope to that one....

Are you trying to isolate both networks? There is a setting in the WIFI Advanced menu on that model, called AP Isolation. Might wanna review the help on it to see if it might fit your needs....
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Thanks johnb6767.
Uplinking to a switch port is the easiest solution. That is right.
But the problem is that I cannot do that.
I am looking for a wireless solution. The new device must be connected to the WRT54G via wireless.
You can put a second router behind it, with a secondary IP Scope, and use the LAN port on the second router, plugged into a LAN port on the first one....

If you create a route though, from XP on the nsecond subnet to the first one, you can still see the PC's......

In a perfect world, you would have two public IP's to work with, and they can both be seperate....
I am sorry johnb6767, perhaps I did not explain so much my needing.
Please remember that:
1 - I need a new wireless LAN. This LAN will use the ISP service configured on the old Router.
2- It is very difficult to plug a wire due to distance.
So the new device (WRouter / WGateway  /WAP / etc.) must be linked wirelessly to the old WRT54G.
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