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Mapping to an Administrative Share on Server 2008 from Vista Ultimate

I have a new Server 2008 installation.  NO Active Directory or domain controller.  

Both my Vista and server are members of WORKGROUP.

My previous server OS was 2003 and it was working fine (I don't remember what I did years ago to get it working right)

Anyway, I have a User (USER1) setup on both machines as members of each machine's Administrators group and both with same password.  When trying to map to the server administrative share (SERVER1\c$) using SERVER1\Administrator, it works fine.   However, when I use SERVER1\USER1, I get "Logon Unsuccessful".

2 questions:

1) Why won't it work with the USER1, but will with administrator?

2) In WS 2003, I had it setup to authenticate credentials while disregarding the COMPUTER or DOMAIN NAME portion of the username (again, I forgot how I did this).   I think it had something to do with Local User Mapping, but not sure.  All I want is for the logged in USER1 on the Vista machine to be automatically authenticated and accepted by the server without specifying logon credentials (via the map drive UN\PW dialog)   Anyone know how to do this with Server 2008?     i.e. My Vista user is MYVISTA\USER1 and it should authenticate with the Server as SERVER1\USER1.  Both have the same pw.

Hope this makes sense.

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Few things... First of all, I dont have a Server2008 box handy.....

Might want to check to make sure the User1 account is not disabled.

Secondly, might wanna check the defaulty Security Policy, in Start>Run>Secpol.msc>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment>Access this computer from the network. Make sure your User1 account is in the proper group on the Server1 box....

Keep in mind, this is what I would do on a Non Server 2008 box, just havent used it that much... Just wanted to start the the thread off....

And remember, you can always pass the credentials in a batch file w/ net use.....
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Thanks John.  But this didn't help.  Even though the Administrators Group was setup in that policy, I still added USER1 to no avail.

I looked at the Server's event log to see what the Security audit was showing and the strange thing is that the server shows USER1 as successfully logging in when attempting to map.   As a matter of fact, the log shows the same success for both administrator and USER1 logins.  So, it appears that something is breaking AFTER authentication and the vista machine is reporting LOGON UNSUCCESSFUL.  Really strange.

Another note:

USER1 works fine with normal shares.   It is simply the Administrative shares where the problem is.   I have also removed and added again USER1 to the Administrators group to make sure, but still not working.

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This and another setting ( should be set in every administered network to be able to continue old habits. How many people will stumble about these two issues...
Thanks McKnife.

I'm not using UAC at all (hate it!), so doesn't apply.  But, it is very good to know.