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How to assign element dynamically in a YUI functions (resizable panel)?

the below example only can show div with id "resizablepanel" when button is clicked. i have many div generated by program with different ID lliks div1, div2, div3. Anyways i can pass the div id to the function  dynamically.
<script type="text/javascript">
        function() {
            // Create a panel Instance, from the 'resizablepanel' DIV standard module markup
            var panel = new YAHOO.widget.Panel("resizablepanel", {
                draggable: true,
                width: "500px",
                height: "150px",
                autofillheight: "body", // default value, specified here to highlight its use in the example
                context: ["showbtn", "tl", "bl"]
            // Create Resize instance, binding it to the 'resizablepanel' DIV 
            var resize = new YAHOO.util.Resize("resizablepanel", {
                handles: ["br"],
                autoRatio: false,
                minWidth: 300,
                minHeight: 100,
                status: false 
            // Setup startResize handler, to constrain the resize width/height
            // if the constraintoviewport configuration property is enabled.
            resize.on("startResize", function(args) {
    		    if (this.cfg.getProperty("constraintoviewport")) {
                    var D = YAHOO.util.Dom;
                    var clientRegion = D.getClientRegion();
                    var elRegion = D.getRegion(this.element);
                    resize.set("maxWidth", clientRegion.right - elRegion.left - YAHOO.widget.Overlay.VIEWPORT_OFFSET);
                    resize.set("maxHeight", clientRegion.bottom - elRegion.top - YAHOO.widget.Overlay.VIEWPORT_OFFSET);
	            } else {
                    resize.set("maxWidth", null);
                    resize.set("maxHeight", null);
            }, panel, true);
            // Setup resize handler to update the Panel's 'height' configuration property 
            // whenever the size of the 'resizablepanel' DIV changes.
            // Setting the height configuration property will result in the 
            // body of the Panel being resized to fill the new height (based on the
            // autofillheight property introduced in 2.6.0) and the iframe shim and 
            // shadow being resized also if required (for IE6 and IE7 quirks mode).
            resize.on("resize", function(args) {
                var panelHeight = args.height;
                this.cfg.setProperty("height", panelHeight + "px");
            }, panel, true);
            YAHOO.util.Event.on("showbtn", "click", panel.show, panel, true, "div1");

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